Beta is first and foremost a brotherhood. Its a group based on the principles of mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct, and integrity. One's time as a Beta does not end at graduation; friendships made through the brotherhood last for life.

Perry Rudolph AX1210
Alpha Chi Chapter Vice President of Brotherhood


There is no such thing as a typical Beta -- our brothers cultivate a range of academic and personal interests. Brothers pursue academic excellence in their time at Hopkins, achieving high academic honors in fields ranging from Computer Engineering to Neuroscience to International Studies, and everything in between. Through active leadership in Orientation, Outdoor Pursuits, the HOP, Foreign Affairs Symposium, and more, Betas constantly find new ways to leave their mark on campus. This diversity of interest and skill has helped strengthen our personal growth as students, leaders, and brothers.

We recognize that we are stronger when we come together, and we bring that spirit to our community service and to our campus. Beta has built close relationships with several local service organizations, and from our Big Blue Jay Tailgate to our brotherhood barbecues and socials, we bring together Greek and non-Greek students alike. Ultimately, though, our chapter most values our brotherhood, and we never miss an opportunity to use shooting trips, game nights, and some old-fashioned hanging out to reinforce our fraternal bonds.

In Beta, we believe in building men of principle for a principled life. Through our actions on campus and in our fraternal relations with each other, Betas do their best to uphold the values of our organization:

Mutual Assistance, Integrity, Trust,

Intellectual Growth, and Responsible Conduct.

“The first mark of a Beta will be his Beta spirit.” -Willis O. Robb, Ohio Wesleyan 1879

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