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Men of Principle

To develop men of principle for a principled life.

"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Johns Hopkins University. My name is Nishanth Muthusamy and I am currently a junior in the Class of 2020. I am a pre-med student studying public health and I am in my second semester as president of the Alpha Chi Chapter. My other extra-curricular activities include playing Club Basketball, researching at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, and volunteering at a number of areas: Christopher's Place, 29th Street Community Center, and Mercy Medical Center. Although we are one of the oldest fraternal organizations on campus, our chapter continues to grow year in and year out. Through all of our involvement, both inside and outside the classroom, we are constantly guided by the teachings of our fraternity: a strong belief in mutual assistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of life, devotion to the cultivation of the intellect, unsullied friendship, and unfaltering fidelity.

Thank you for taking the time to explore and learn more about our chapter. We are all excited about the current happenings of Alpha Chi and all it has in store for the future.

Nishanth Muthusamy
AX 1240
Alpha Chi Chapter President."

Beta Theta Pi Mission

The Alpha Chi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to the mission of our fraternity. Our creed and chapter brotherhood are built on our fraternities traditions and principles as listed below. We take great pride as individual Beta’s to be associated with a fraternity that inculcates these principles in its members. Founded on August 8th, 1839, Beta Theta Pi is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in this nation. There are 122 individual chapters in the United States and Canada. 180,000 young men have been initiated thus far, with many more to come. Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life. Our brotherhood aids the individual builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct, and responsible citizenship.

Beta Theta Pi Risk Management Policy January 2018

Our Pillars

To the immortal eight who founded Beta Theta Pi in 1839; to the sons who have followed after them in long, illustrious line; To the novitiates who, in days ahead, are to “build up” this brotherhood — your’s and mine, this story of an American college fraternity is dedicated. In—kai—

John Reily Knox “Pater Knox”

Born May 20, 1820, in Butler County, Ohio Died February 7, 1898, in Greenville, Ohio

John Reily Knox “Pater Knox” Founder

Born February 26, 1812, in Butler County, Ohio Died June 13, 1895, in Keokuk, Iowa

Samuel Taylor Marshall

Born January 30, 1815, near Wilmington, Ohio Died August 10, 1889, in Pleasanton, Kansas

James George Smith

Born August 10, 1819, near Lebanon, Ohio Died September 16, 1849, near Lebanon, Ohio

Thomas Boston Gordon

Born February 4, 1816, in Elbert County, Georgia Died January 25, 1891, in Lexington, Kentucky

Michael Clarkson Ryan

Born April 23, 1820, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Died October 23, 1861, in Austin , Texas

John Holt Duncan

Born July 7, 1920, in Harrison County, Kentucky Died May 27, 1896, in Austin, Texas

Charles Henry Hardin

Born July 15, 1820, in Trimble County, Kentucky Died July 29, 1892, in Mexico, Missouri